The Savage Centerfeed (also known as the 3rd Generation) stocks are now available in the Boyds’ Classic, Priaire Hunter or the Ross Featherweight Thumbhole Model Gunstocks. 

Boyds' now offers Savage Centerfeed Rifle Stocks!


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  1. Myron Stumpe says:

    This stock may have been upgraded to fit the longer screw bolt patten,but still is of no use for the mag box rifles. Which yes you can make fit,but it takes many hours of work to do. Also for someone to do this work, it would be of no use to start with a finished stock. One other comment, you might lenght the L.O.P. also. I feel this is more important for all shooter to get there arms up in line with there shoulder, for more contol, and less recoil.

  2. doug terry says:

    I received a Boyd’s Classic stock today, for a center feed Savage 110.This was for my Stevens 200 long action, 7mm, with the hidden mag in the factory synthetic grey stock. The factory mag fit into the new wood stock perfectly, and very snug. The action screw holes in the Boyd’s stock lined up perfectly with the threaded holes in the action. Plenty of clearance in the cut-out for the bolt lever, and along the sides of the barrel toward the muzzle. The area behind the bolt, at the safety button, aligns with the wood perfectly. Stock arrived pre- finished, with the sling studs and butt plate attached, and looks great. Only problem i had was fitting the Stevens factory trigger guard (plastic) into the trigger guard cut-out on the wood stock . Apparently the trigger guard area is cut for the metal trigger guards on other Savage models, but with the help of a rotary tool, the factory plastic guard fit. Other than the little trigger guard work, i am totally satisfied with the Savage center feed walnut stock.

  3. shane vidal says:

    are these the drop box magazine type stocks that fit the new Savage 111 that Ive been waiting for??

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